I met Mackenzie, at my first job in Washington state, a great human, funny, smart and yeah really funny. Shawnti is equally amazing, smart and kind. This wedding took place on an island. An island where they both have roots. Family, friends, good food and music, it was an amazing day in all. Congratulations to you both.


This past month, my brother got married. It’s been a few years since they first met, at a school in Finland. Since then they have purchased their “fare” share of plane tickets, visiting each other. This last year has been particularly crazy where their lives were being controlled by the US Immigration Office. However, as it does, it worked out.

I wish you both the best in your life together.

Venla, welcome to the family.

The last couple months

Its been an amazing summer so far, and a busy one! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a wedding almost every week for the past couple months, So I am excited to share with you those weddings and other recent photographic adventures soon. Its always an honor to photograph a wedding and get to spend a day with the bride and groom and their families and friends. This past wedding, with Peter and Katherine was no different.

Congratulations to you both, it was a beautiful day.

Hello Hello World.

As a first post on this new blog and website of mine, I would like to say thank you and welcome! This blog will feature recent photo shoots, old photos I find in the depths of my hard drives and fun pictures I take day to day.

I thought in this first post I would share a little history of my photographic enterprise. It was in 2005 when I just finished Sophomore year of high school I was trained as a photography assistant by my older brother, who was also trained by my older sister who was trained by the sister before her. The studio was called Ralph Adams Photography, a wonderful place to work, and became the greatest learning opportunity to this day I have ever had.

The job started out as an answering phones/making appointments type of position, as well as putting orders together and calling clients. In the summertime, this was peak Senior Portrait season and the studio was a lively place. I then began to learn with the help of a few instructional videos and the help of Ralph and my brother, learned photoshop. For the next 3 years I spent many hours, driving to the studio each night to find a pile of memory cards, and photos to edit.

During the weeks I would join Ralph on senior portrait sessions, and the weekends would lug around lights and cameras at weddings. I would borrow Ralph’s other cameras and take photos on the side, asking Ralph questions here and there, which turned into long discussions and photography lessons from Ralph who understood photography on a very technical level as well as artistically.

I decided I wanted a camera, and when i asked Ralph what I should get, we came up with a plan to withhold my upcoming pay to save up for a camera. A few weeks later I purchased my first camera, a Canon Rebel XT.

From there, I’ve been blessed with friends, family, and people I meet willing to let me practice on them, shoot their weddings, and become a part of the family for a day. Photography has brought me to many new places and people, places that I may not have ever been if I did not have a camera attached to me.

In closing, I want to share my favorite thing about photography. Its the ability to show someone how beautiful a person, a place, and themselves really are.

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